Conservas Gueyu Mar

    Abel Álvarez is elevating the tinned fish game. His restaurant on the northern coast of Asturias was deemed one of Spain's "Templos del producto" and now we can enjoy the Gueyu Mar experience anywhere, anytime. Everything is cooked "a la brasa" over wood fire and conserved in 100% Arbequina EVOO. To our knowledge, this is the only product of its kind.

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    Ronqueo de Atún a la Brasa

    “Ronqueo” is the traditional quartering of the bluefin tuna. The name comes from the noise the knife makes when passing through the dorsal spine of the fish.

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    Viniesta Trips

    Viniesta Trips, through travel partner Adler & Marlow, offers small group food and wine itineraries with insider access to some of the heroes, rebels, pioneers and innovators of the Spanish natural wine movement. You’ll meet the winemakers behind the projects, explore their vineyards, learn about their ancestral winemaking process, and share (many!) copas of their thirst-quenching wines.